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Throwdown is a new community for people into fitness.

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Express yourself

Express yourself through photos & videos of your fitness accomplishments. Set a new personal record? Be proud – share them with the community.

Support each other

Give props with likes & comments. Push each other to continuously improve.


Join the Throwdown Community!

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Our Community Values

Cheer each other on, whether we're just beginning or well experienced.

Constructive tips and feedback are great and welcomed.

NO NEGATIVITY! No belittling or disparaging activities. You will be removed.

About us

As founders, we believe in supporting those who have taken positive steps toward being fit. We'd love to hear from you!

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Hoon Kim

Hoon's been doing CrossFit for four years and loves the community it fosters. He believes that a healthy body is the foundation for everything else.

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Andrew Crookston

Andrew played Rugby and orienteered. He now does CrossFit and runs. He believes communities around sports are fun and create close friendships.